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A heartwarming welcome to all of you visiting the official website of the Statistical Research Institute of Seoul National University. 

Statistics is a branch of science finding and creating new scientific knowledge through modeling and analyzing uncertainty in data. It provides useful tools for solving real life problems that arise in many areas encompassing politics, economics, social and natural sciences, thereby elevates the quality of human life as a whole. 

In particular, new types of data appearing in the rise of the Big Data era created Data Science as the fourth-generation science paradigm and are entrusting many scientific challenges to statistics that plays the central role of Data Science.

By carrying out the new challenging tasks of the Big Data era and through interdisciplinary research collaboration, the Statistical Research Institute at Seoul National University is committed to contributing to the advancement of science and technology. We also aim to foster the development of our nation, enterprises, and society by conducting collaborative research projects with government and industry. 

Your interest and support are greatly appreciated. 
Thank you.              

Director of the Statistical Research Institute, Byeong Uk Park


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